Petition to end Employee Discrimination


Ohio is one of 29 states where it is completely legal for an employer to fire or refuse to hire someone because they are gay.


This is simple -- the law should treat everyone equally. Add your name to the grassroots movement to end workplace discrimination.


When you're in a job, or applying for a job, you should be judged on experience. You should be judged on the quality of your work. You should NOT be judged on your sexual orientation.


21 states, and many private companies, have already added provisions for sexual orientation and sexual identity to their nondiscrimination policies. It's a practice that works; it's a practice that makes sense; and most importantly, ending discrimination is the right thing to do.


Our LGBT family members and friends shouldn't be refused a job, or be fired from a job they are good at, because of who they are. Sign the petition: Call for an end to workplace discrimination right now.


We are the nation of equality for all. We are the nation of freedom and justice for all.


It's time our laws reflected those values.


Sign the petition today.