Why Gay Marriage may Never be a Reality in Ohio

05/12/2013 13:00
It is unfortunate to think that in this climate of equality awareness that seems to be happening in our nation it still may take many years before same-sex marriage is recognized in the state of Ohio.  The truth is the current mental state of Ohioans seems extremely apothetic when it comes to...

Prop8, DOMA, and SCOTUS

05/12/2013 12:57
The Supreme Court has heard arguments in cases inlvolving California's Proposition 8 which rescinded the right to same-sex marriage in that state, and DOMA, passed in 2004, which bans same-sex marriages on a federal level.  Many people feel that SCOTUS will rule that both laws are...

Visitors notice

05/05/2013 15:55
If you have not done so, please take the time to sign the petition to repeal Ohio Issue 1.

Website launched

05/05/2013 15:54
Our new website has been launched today.

Equal Housing and Employment

05/05/2013 11:30
Each of us need to ask our legislators to show their support for fairness and equality in Ohio. Follow these three quick and easy steps: Find Your Legislators You’ll need your ZIP+4. You can look that up here. Once you have your ZIP+4, you can find your legislators here.