EHEA: Equal Housing and Employment

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Discrimination Against Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender People is Generally Legal in Ohio

It is legal in Ohio to be fired from your job, denied an apartment, or refused service at a movie theater, restaurant or hotel because of your sexual orientation or gender identity.  In many cities and counties in Ohio and for many government employees, these practices are prohibited, but there are no statewide anti-discrimination protections that protect all Ohioans.

21 of the 50 states currently protect people from discrimination based on their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, putting Ohio at a competitive disadvantage for recruiting and hiring the best and brightest professional talent.  Many employers across the country and here in Ohio have extended non-discrimination policies to cover LGBT people, but millions of Ohioans remain unprotected.  Protections are needed for everyone.

Contact Your Legislators Today

On May 1st, a call for cosponsors was put out for our non discrimination (EHEA) legislation. Next step: each of us need to ask our legislators to show their support for fairness and equality in Ohio. Follow these three quick and easy steps:

Find Your Legislators

You’ll need your ZIP+4. You can look that up here.

Once you have your ZIP+4, you can find your legislators here.

Make A Phone Call

I am a voter in your district and I want you to cosponsor the Equal Housing and Employment to end discrimination against LGBT Ohioans. 80 of Ohio’s 98 top employers listed on the Jobs Ohio website already prohibit discrimination. Nondiscrimination is good for Ohio’s economy.

It’s time to make this into law. Please cosponsor the EHEA bill.

Send An Email

Subject: Please Cosponsor Equal Housing and Employment

I am a voter in your district. The Equal Housing and Employment Act (EHEA) is being reintroduced this week and I am in favor of it. This bill is about fairness and dignity in Ohio.

Our state’s current employment and housing protections ensure that some Ohioans will not fall victim to discriminatory practices. However, not all Ohioans have the same protections provided for by law. LGBT Ohioans face a different set of challenges in securing employment and maintaining housing. The EHEA simply adds sexual orientation and gender identity to that list, making Ohio the 22nd state to do so.

This is good for business and the Ohio economy as evidenced by the fact that 80 of Ohio’s 98 top employers listed on the Jobs Ohio website already prohibit this kind of discrimination in their policies.

Please cosponsor Equal Housing and Employment. Help keep Ohio strong and prosperous.


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