Why Gay Marriage may Never be a Reality in Ohio

05/12/2013 13:00

It is unfortunate to think that in this climate of equality awareness that seems to be happening in our nation it still may take many years before same-sex marriage is recognized in the state of Ohio.  The truth is the current mental state of Ohioans seems extremely apothetic when it comes to equal rights, even among the many gay citizens.  As a personal witness to this apathy I attempted to start a grassroots movement to appeal Issue 1, which went ignored by all attempts to reach out to the gay community for signers.  It is extremely upsetting to know that the gay community of Ohio is happy to exist as second class citizens and not upset the status quo.  

To those pioneers of gay rights at Stonewall I can only offer my sincere apologies.  To all of those civil activists who have fought bravely, adamantly,  and risked life and limb to advance gay rights in this country I can only say that I am so sorry that the gay community of my state are only too happy to bury their heads in the sand.  To those members of the gay community that I haved reached out to only to be ignored . . .  I say shame on you.